Elections 2022: the economy worries students

Éelection 2022: the economy worries students


The current economic situation worries young people in Quebec. Both at CEGEP and at university, student associations find that very little is done to support them.  

“Certainly, at least, we must stop increasing tuition fees, because we are heading towards a decrease in graduates. There are people who have to make choices right now like going to the job market, because they can't afford to go to school,” said Lili-Jade Martel, of the Cégep student association. Garneau. 

One of the only political parties that campaigned for free post-secondary education was Québec solidaire. However, the members of the formation did not vote to include this issue in their program this year. But, there will be a fee reduction, if QS is elected.

“I am optimistic that the 25% fee reduction will be in addition to our other promises. This will give students a break,” said Olivier Bolduc, candidate for Québec solidaire in Jean-Talon.