Elections: $ 500 million claimed for the revival of sport

Éelections: $500 million claimed for sports revival


Political parties must make sport a priority in the current election campaign and act to make up for the chronic underfunding of the sector by investing $500 million, demands a Coalition du milieu sportif québécois.  

The sports budget has not been indexed for 35 years, according to the Coalition for the Future of Sport in Quebec, which represents thousands of members of associations, sports federations and municipalities.

By releasing an envelope of $500 million on a recurring basis, the budget dedicated to sport in Education would then increase from 1% to 4%. Recall that the current funding is $173 million.

“The pandemic has shown to what extent sport is an essential service to the population and that its accessibility could be a hindrance for families in the current context,” said Julie Gosselin, president of SPORTSQUÉBEC, on Wednesday. “It is a powerful vehicle for inclusion and accessibility that should be a priority for the next government.”

The lack of infrastructure is one of the main obstacles to practicing sports, as is the drop in the number of volunteers and the difficulty of recruiting.

According to the Coalition, the delay in infrastructure investment is several billion dollars.

In Quebec, some 5 million people are involved in organized sports.

A sports component included in electoral platforms

Some parties have already presented commitments for the development of sport in the province.

< p>This is the case of the Liberal Party of Quebec, which wishes to create a Ministry of Sport and Recreation, currently dependent on the Ministry of Education. It also intends to increase the amount of the refundable tax credit per child for physical, artistic or cultural activities.

As for Québec solidaire, the cost of sports programs would be eliminated from primary and secondary school fees. secondary school, when the Parti Québécois committed to integrating a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity per day from CPE to secondary school.

The Conservatives have proposed not to apply the QST for expenses related to physical activity, but also to give young people access to school sports facilities on evenings and weekends.

The Coalition avenir Québec has not yet unveiled a promise on this subject. In its budget presented last March, the outgoing government, however, reserved an envelope of $250 million over five years for the revival of sport.