Elections: a budget doubled for justice, wishes the Barreau de Québec

Éelections: a double budget for justice, wishes the Bar of Quebec


The Barreau de Québec has urged political parties, in the middle of an election campaign, to make the modernization of the judicial system a priority, in particular by doubling the budget allocated to justice. 

He would like the budget to go from 1.1% of the total Quebec budget to 2.2% to fight against the chronic underfunding perceived in the community.

“The needs cries and calls to action from the various players in the legal community are all indicators of a major crisis of confidence, within the population, towards Quebec judicial institutions, “said Me Catherine Claveau, President of the Quebec.

According to the Bar, the justice system has reached its limits and could face disruptions in service, already perceived in certain sectors such as the Small Claims Division, including delays in obtaining a hearing are getting longer and longer.

Among his requests, the Barre au wants to see easier access to justice, in particular by proposing that lawyers' fees and court costs be tax deductible.

The “immediate” implementation of the recommendations for the reform of legal aid is also demanded, as is the complete digital transformation of the justice system.

“The neglect of justice over time and the underestimated effects of such negligence towards respect for the rights of citizens have pushed the judicial system to the end of the line, ”insisted the President of the Bar Claveau.