Elections: fear sets in…

Élections: fear sets in...


Liberal MP Marwah Rizqy, eight months pregnant, has been threatened with death. His assailant was released on bail pending trial. The placards of some CAQ candidates were stained with blood. And now we are creating an anxiety neurosis by offering party leaders bulletproof vests and more bodyguards.

But Éric Duhaime, he hovers above of these heavy dark clouds. Its candidate in Joliette, Pascal Laurin, a teacher, we must specify, uses Twitter to convey his political vision. 

Here are some examples of the shocking comments of the PCQ teacher-candidate. The countries of the Middle East would be “marde countries”. François Legault is no different from Putin while North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un, M. Laurin finds him “more moderate ” than the Premier of Quebec in the management of the pandemic. 

For the PCQ, these remarks by the candidate, a teacher, let us repeat, did not exceed the limit prescribed by Éric Duhaime. “We don't need bodyguards because the people are with us,” he said mockingly earlier this week.

Let's not hide reality. The leader of the PCQ oscillates between provocation and a false sense of openness by transforming the famous freedom of expression into a rug where you always have to wipe your feet. 

This boy puts his intelligence , which should not be underestimated, in the service of its ambiguity, its ambivalence, but above all its own intellectual perversion. 

In other words, he transforms this electoral campaign by placing his adversaries on a terrain, his own, which is more or less foreign to them. The other leaders, rather gifted in manipulation and seduction, but nevertheless quite naive, are carried away by this climate of confrontation, death threats and defamation. 

Let us recognize that Éric Duhaime controls the psychological agenda of this campaign. It embodies and relies on the “people” against the elites.

To tell the truth, from memory, I have never experienced such an election campaign. The presence of an extreme left and an extreme right brings elements of singular confrontations.

The shock felt at the collapse of the PLQ, deserted by Francophones, also transformed the political scene. Finally, the PQ, despite the dignity of its leader and the active and combative despair of its militants, young and old, adds a tragic dimension to the history of sovereignty by struggling to keep, if not support, what remains to it. soul.

The victory of the CAQ of François Legault will become, whatever one says, the mourning of many citizens with exacerbated nationalism. A follow-up to the failures of the referendums of 1980 and 1995. 

Loud concerns are looming over the polarization of extremist voters, on the right and on the left. Depending on the performance of the CAQ, we could find ourselves in battles between irreconcilable factions.

This election is part of a new political landscape. The National Assembly will be in the image of elected officials, the most rowdy, the most irresponsible, the most ignorant and the most ideological of which risk shaking the walls of this sacred place of democracy. For we cannot deny that legally elected intruders will be opponents of democracy as we have known it.

Éelections: fear is setting in...