Elections: few proposals to counter poverty, regrets an organization

Éelections: few proposals to counter poverty, regrets an organization


While tax cuts and the lifting of certain taxes have been promised since the start of the electoral race, few of these measures would really tackle poverty and help low-income people , deplored the Collective for a Poverty-Free Quebec. 

Four parties communicated to the organization their commitments in the fight against poverty, whether on the subject of the minimum wage , social assistance programs and the rise in the cost of living.

“It is clear, from reading the responses received, that few proposals are on the table to significantly reduce and sustainably poverty in Quebec”, raised Thursday by press release the spokesperson of the Collective, Serge Petitclerc.

In his eyes, the one-off aid will not improve purchasing power, but only protect it in the short term. As for the tax cuts, they will not benefit people with lower incomes, who do not pay them.

“It is structural measures that people living in poverty have need in order to hope to improve their living conditions on a lasting basis,” argued Mr. Petitclerc.

“One thinks, for example, of the minimum wage, the tax credit for solidarity, the tax credit for support for seniors or social assistance benefits, the increase of which could have a long-term impact on household income,” he added.

According to the Collective, a person out of ten on average cannot meet their basic needs in Quebec each year.