Elections in Israel: Netanyahu could lose the post of Prime Minister

Netanyahu’s party lost parliamentary elections in Israel. The US President Donald trump, commenting on the results of these elections, said he has not discussed the results of the vote with the current Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. This writes the “Voice of America”.

Выборы в Израиле: Нетаньяху может лишиться поста премьера

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Trump called the election “tense”, adding: “We will see what happens next.”

Netanyahu failed to win the parliamentary elections. His party, Likud got one seat less than its main rival, the center – left bloc “Kajol-Laban”.

The Israeli Prime Minister canceled his annual speech at the UN General Assembly in new York and a possible meeting with Donald trump. In the election campaign of Likud, special attention was paid to the friendly relations that have developed between trump and Netanyahu.

According to the preliminary results of the elections, any political forces to obtain a majority in the Knesset, enough to form a ruling coalition. The center-left bloc in total received 56 mandates the SPS – 55. In the left block included 13 mandates Pro-Arab party “United list”, which has never previously been represented in the government.

In this situation much depends on Avigdor Lieberman – head of the conservative party “Our home – Israel”, which is supported mainly Russian-speaking Israelis. Lieberman’s party won the election just nine seats, almost twice improving the results of the last elections.

Lieberman has repeatedly said that he supports the national unity government that, in his opinion, means the government with the participation of “Kajol-Laban”, “Likud” and “Our house – Israel”.

“The government of national unity, a broad liberal government. We support no other options. From our point of view, there are no other options,” said Lieberman.

He outlined a number of requirements put forward by his party, including the institution of secular marriage in Israel, which existed in the country until now. Currently, the Institute of marriages and divorces in full control of the religious court.

“Our house – Israel” insists on introduction in the curriculum of all ultra-Orthodox schools in such subjects as mathematics and scientific disciplines, and the lifting of the ban on public transport on Saturdays. Iudaizme Saturday (the Sabbath) is a Holy day in which we can work.

After the April elections, right-wing political forces at the head of “Likud” was just one place to form a ruling coalition of 61 members. However, Lieberman refused to join the government with the participation of ultra-Orthodox parties, put forward a requirement – adoption of a bill on the military conscription of ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students. This discussion sparked a series of protests involving ultra-Orthodox, who do not want to serve in the Israeli army.

The leader of the “Kahal-Laban,” benny Gantz said that will not join unity government if Netanyahu will head the Likud. Against the Prime Minister opened several criminal cases on corruption, and the police have already recommended to push against Netanyahu charged on three of these cases. A final hearing on the matter will take place in October 2019.

As soon as they announced the final results of the elections, the Israeli President Reuven Rivlin will call on the advice of leaders of all parties and ask them to call the name of politics, which need to be assigned to form a government. This process will probably take a few weeks.