Elections: The Great Distortion

Éelections: the great distortion


To tell you how there were no surprises in this election, Pierre Bruneau declared that the CAQ would form a majority government at 8:10 p.m. < /p>

Even though we hadn't even received the quarter chicken thighs we ordered. 

As my sister told me: “Monsieur Legault did not have time to do everything he wanted to do in his first term because of the pandemic. So we gave him a second term so that he could finish what he wanted to accomplish… 

It's like watching a feature film in a room cinema, and that a power failure had interrupted the projection. 

We want to see the rest to know how it will end.

Will Leonardo DiCaprio marry Kate Winslet once the liner has arrived?

Élections: The Great Distortion

Éelections: the great distortion


For the Official Opposition, the verdict fell 34 minutes later.

The money went to Dominique Anglade and the PLQ. Thanks to the Anglos on the island of Montreal, who continued to vote red despite Madame Anglade's blunders on French courses in English CEGEPs.

It will have been enough for the sovereigntist Joker to go up a few points in the polls and that everyone salutes the excellent campaign of PSPP so that our English-speaking friends take fright and run to take refuge behind the shield of Captain Canada. 

It's still amazing when you think about it…

It is the two parties that have stumbled the most during the campaign that find themselves on the two highest steps of the podium!

It is Ms. Anglade who finds herself leader of the official opposition… so that his party convinced only 7 % of French-speaking voters!

And parties that managed to attract 15 % and 13 % of the popular vote (which is very honorable) find themselves in the bottom of the barrel. 

Only three deputies for the PQ and none for the Conservative Party of Quebec. 

While the PLQ won about twenty seats with a similar percentage and much less support among French-speaking voters. ..

If there are still people who doubt the relevance of reforming our voting system, they have only to look at the election results to be convinced. < /p>

There is something wrong with that system…


For Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, who saw himself as leader of the opposition, the evening was extremely disappointing.

The leader of Québec solidaire may have led a very good campaign and be devilishly charismatic, but his party failed to break through kale's ceiling. 

For the middle class it tried to woo, QS remains a radical party. 

As deep disappointment among the PQ, who, despite their leader's excellent campaign, failed to turn their pumpkin into a carriage. 

There were two big winners on Monday. 

The CAQ, which is stronger than ever, despite the pandemic and the clumsy remarks of its leader on immigration.

And the activists for the reform of our voting system, who convinced many voters of the justice of their cause. .jpg” alt=”Élections: The Great Distortion” />