Elections to the Israeli Parliament: exit polls showed unexpected results

In the General election in Israel, according to surveys of voters at the exits of polling stations, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slightly ahead of his main rival, benny Gantz, BBC reports.

Выборы в парламент Израиля: экзит-полы показали неожиданные результаты

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This is the third elections in Israel less than a year. After the previous two none of the leaders of the two leading parties failed to form a government.

Netanyahu, who heads the right-wing party Likud, tries in a record fifth time to take the seat of Prime Minister.

Two weeks later, however, he is waiting for trial in court on charges of corruption. He denies the charges against him, calling them political “witch hunt”.

Exit polls

According to Israeli press reports, the exit polls show that the Likud will get 36 or 37 seats in Parliament, the centrist party Ganz claims 32 or 33 seats.

If the poll results correctly reflect the outcome of the vote, Netanyahu does not have one seat for majority in the Knesset, in which all 120 seats.

Likud hopes for the support of other right-wing parties to work together to overcome the threshold of 61 seats needed to form a coalition government.

The exit polls came as a surprise to many, as opinion polls ahead of elections testified on the equal chances of the two major candidates, about another dead-end confrontation and the possibility of yet another, fourth election.


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