Electoral debate in Lévis: sparks on the 3rd link

Election debate in Lévis: flames on the 3rd link


The third link project gave rise to passionate discussions, Thursday noon, during a candidates' debate in the riding of Lévis organized by the Chamber of Commerce.

“It is in many respects, the third link, the question of the ballot box in Lévis”, estimated the candidate of the CAQ Bernard Drainville, in front of a hundred business people and several candidates of the election who came to listen the game at the Convention Center.

The former journalist who is trying to return to politics has once again asked for a “strong mandate” to carry out the $6.5 billion tunnel desired by his political party.

“That's what people talk to me about the most,” he argued, accusing the PLQ and the PQ of having “changed their minds” by offering a new heavy public transit service between the two. shores while seeing it as a sign that there are now “four parties that are in favor of the principle of the 3rd link”.

Unsurprisingly, the star candidate and favorite according to current projections has been the target of most attacks. Some clashes occurred, always with respect, mainly between him and the candidates of QS and the PCQ.

“I work in Quebec. I do it, the way [between the two shores], Mr. Drainville, and frankly, once again, you are exaggerating to put on a show, ”launched Valérie Cayouette-Guilloteau, who is trying for the fourth time to be elected under the solidarity banner.

“The bridges are in poor condition. We have to take care of our infrastructure. We no longer have a ferry service that makes sense […] so start by fixing the leaky roof rather than spending billions on building an Olympic swimming pool in your backyard,” exclaimed the resident. de Lévis, who teaches philosophy at Cégep Limoilou

In the conservative camp, entrepreneur Karine Laflamme praised the merits of a second bridge and a highway that would pass through Île d'Orléans , a more economical and faster solution according to her.

She fears that a more central link would cause “more traffic jams than anything else” and to the islanders who doubt, she promises to embellish the island. She believes that this new link “would make it possible to raise awareness of local products” and to “improve security” by offering a second passage to leave the island in the event of an emergency.

The candidate The Conservative, however, had a tougher time by not offering a clear answer when she was asked whether she was for or against supply management by Mr. Drainville.

“I will to be very honest with you, I don't know about supply management,” admitted Ms. Laflamme after the debate, assuring that she will learn about this issue.

More details at come…