Electricity and gas become more expensive. What bills to expect

Свет и газ подорожают. Какие платежки ожидать

About half a million citizens will receive bills with the increased sums for gas. The figures for electricity will increase while a few percent.

In Ukraine from August 1, tariffs for electricity transmission rise by nearly 55%, not twice as previously thought. Will also increase transportation tariffs for gas bills with new numbers coming in July. Корреспондент.net tells details.

Tariffs for gas

1 eulav Ukraine revised rates for gas transportation. With enagas the population fell by six per cent to 2.14 per cubic meter (excluding taxes and expenses for distribution and transportation).

However, this price doesn’t take into account the amount of license fee, which this month will rise 24 percent.Its amount is different for everyone. On the one hand, it depends on the provider, and with another — how much for the “gas year” (October to October) blue fuel was spent.

The price of gas consists of two parts: the gas itself and its transportation. With the first point since July everything remains unchanged, but the cost of transportation next month will grow significantly.

Delivery of gas is much more expensive in settlements with low population density. While in big cities it’s much easier.

So, the “budget” tariff in Ukraine Kieve: 34 kopecks per one cubic meter (in Kiev region to 1.09 UAH). For comparison, customers Spectras in Lviv region, will have to pay 3.28 UAH per each cubic meter of gas.

Change of tariffs will occur for consumers in whose homes the gas meter. About half a million people from July 1, will receive bills with increased amounts by increasing the rate of gas consumption.

Media noted that option out of the situation may be a reduction in consumption of natural gas during the current gas year. Then the fee for gas next year will be less.

Tariffs for electricity

From August 1, will increase the tariff for services in transfer of electric energy and services the dispatch (operative and technological) management of NEK Ukrenergo.

This decision was made by the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in the energy and utilities July 11 at its meeting.

Rates for services will be:

  • for the transmission of electrical energy 240,23 UAH/MWh (from 1 January until 1 August 2020 — 155,40 UAH/MWh, without VAT);
  • dispatch (operative and technological) management — 24,75 UAH/MWh (from 1 January until 1 August 2020 — 10,23 UAH/ MWh, without VAT).

The decision was made in accordance with written proposals NEK Ukrenergo for reconsideration in connection with the shortage of funds for individual components of cost.

The purpose of yavlyaetsyato the availability of funds from the company to repay the debt to producers of electricity from renewable sources.

As reported, the draft decision to the meeting, on 11 July included a growth rate of 2.1 times — up to 327,97 UAH/MW·h and the original NEC proposal was to bring the rate up to 604,51 UAH/MW·h.

The tariff increase is not doubled in half, made possible thanks to the Ukrenergo plans to take loan funds from international financial organizations. This will reduce once the load on consumers and simultaneously pay off debts.

In this case, the national Commission noted that they were aware of the cumbersome of such tariffs for consumers, which could negatively affect the competitiveness of Ukrainian industry. However, the Commission says that it has to make that decision.

However, as poiasnitelnaia Scientific-technical center Psyche Gennady Ryabtsev,the price increase for electricity for the population and business will not be as significant.

The fact that the rate for Ukrenergo, which is revised by NERC is the cost of electricity transmission. It pays power companies and then lay in the tariff for the end user. But in any case is only part of the price tag on electricity.

“It’s a small percentage in payment to light only a few percent. The more you consume electricity, the higher the total, and the amount of this payment”, — quotes Ryabtseva Country.

But this is the first stage. In the future, Ryabtsev does not exclude “a tenfold increase, maybe even ten times.”It is worth considering, he said, the abolition of preferential tariffs within the framework of agreements with the “green” energy.

Thus, the average price tag for the population, which, given the favorable 100 kilowatts at 90 cents amounted to 1.08 UAH per kilowatt, can grow to almost 65 cents.

At the beginning of maw the Ministry of energy and the environmental protection of Ukraine said that the electricity tariff for household consumers in 2020 will not change even despite the fact that the generation of cheap nuclear power will decrease in favor of more expensive thermal and “green”.