Electronic cigarettes are a month to lung cancer

A new study has found that electronic cigarettes are just over a month, cause inflammation associated with lung cancer. This is another proof of the danger of devices that is gaining popularity in the world.

Электронные сигареты — месяц до рака легких

Electronic cigarettes are promoted as safe alternatives to traditional tobacco products because they contain far less carcinogens than cigarettes, which produce combustion of tobacco smoke. However, in recent months in the United States more than 1 300 people who are actively using electronic cigarettes, was in the hospital with severe symptoms, and about 30 of them died. Still among scientists there is no exact explanation of the origin of “diseases of electronic cigarettes”, but investigations in this matter are ongoing. Experts at Ohio state University attracted 30 non-Smoking volunteers who agreed within a month very actively use electronic cigarette.

After 30 days, they went through a thorough examination of the lungs, which revealed inflammation associated with increased risk of developing lung cancer. Moreover, it was found that these changes in the structure of lungs was observed in that case that e-cigarettes contain nicotine, and in that case, if it was not. This suggests that nicotine is not the most dangerous component, which leads to lung diseases, including malignancy.

According to the authors of the study, they received strong evidence that prolonged and intensive use of e-cigarettes can cause inflammation. As a consequence, this increases the risk of lung cancer. Note that this study was conducted on people, while all previous work has involved laboratory animals.