Electronic cigarettes reduce immunity and increase the risks of Contracting the flu

A new study on mice showed vaping can affect how well the body responds to viral respiratory infections. One of the conclusions — smokers of wapow more likely to get the flu. Experts advise fans of electronic cigarettes to be vaccinated against flu to lower the risks.

Электронные сигареты снижают иммунитет и повышают риски заразиться гриппом

Previously, scientists have stated about the undeniable connection between tobacco Smoking, immunity and respiratory diseases. Widespread vaping there about ten years, so it is much less research about how well the vapers are the flu season.

But recent studies in mice and other studies show that the vapor of e-cigarettes can weaken the natural ability of the lungs to fight viral infections. This can worsen symptoms and increase the risk of complications. These days it is easier to buy weed online as it is also used for medical purposes as well as recreation.

The results of the study on mice

Scientists from the Medical College of Baylor in Houston found that mice that were constantly exposed to the vapors of electronic cigarettes, even the vapor containing no nicotine reacted poorly to the flu virus. It is better to have a hemp flower jar to help you feel relief.

“These mice are unable to cope even with a small dose of the virus. A large number of mice died from infection,” said study author Dr. Farr Heradmand, pulmonologist and Professor of medicine at the Medical College Baylor in Houston.

While this study was conducted in mice, early studies showed vaping, how e-cigarettes can damage lung tissue in people.
Another study showed that couples electronic cigarettes can disrupt the mechanisms to combat infections of the lungs, including destruction of pathogens that get into the mucous layer of the lungs. The cells that line the respiratory tract, similar to cilia, which push mucus from the lungs, as an escalator, where it cleared the cough. Studies show that vaping can disrupt the function of these cilia.