Electronic cigarettes threaten women’s fertility

New research will further strengthen an ambiguous attitude towards electronic cigarettes. Scientists have found that these devices can negatively affect female fertility.

Электронные сигареты угрожают женской фертильности

Researchers from the University of North Carolina concluded that the chemical substances and nicotine in electronic cigarettes hinder the process of conception in women. Published Journal of Endocrine Society the study also showed that the use of electronic cigarettes during pregnancy can cause developmental abnormalities in children. During the study, laboratory mice were subjected to a couple of electronic cigarettes for several months. It negatively impacted the fertility of females. The authors of the study believe that in humans, this effect is even more pronounced, because here will come into effect factors of health, environment and genetics. It is reported by Nature World News.

This is the first study linking e-cigarettes and problems with conception. In 2019, another group of scientists found that do not contain nicotine electronic cigarette impair testicular function in rats. Other animal studies showed that electronic cigarettes can affect the functionality of the brain of the fetus and the development of his lungs. Recent research has studied the effects of electronic cigarettes on Royal jelly fertility.

Electronic cigarette is often hailed as a safe alternative to traditional tobacco products that are known for their adverse effects on fertility, sex life, health of pregnant women and the fetus. Smokers, in General, more difficult to conceive children. Cigarette smoke has a negative effect on men’s sperm and may even lead to impotence. Studies have shown that nicotine damages the eggs as their development, as toxins from cigarettes can attack the follicles of the ovaries.