Elementary school teachers may begin strike on November 25 (PHOTO)

Учителя начальных классов могут начать забастовку 25 ноября  (ФОТО)

The representative of ETFO, the Union of primary school teachers of Ontario, announced that negotiations with the province with the participation of a conciliator failed, and they will be able to legally go on strike on November 25.

“ETFO is fighting for increased funding, and not Vice versa, but the Minister of education Doug Ford Steven Lecce is not listening,” said the President of the Federation of elementary school teachers of Ontario Sam Hammond.

Primary school teachers therefore act in unison with their colleagues from the secondary schools of the Federation of secondary school teachers of Ontario, whose efforts to find a compromise also failed, in connection with which in ten days they will have the right to strike.

The main reason for the talks is the government’s plan Ford to cut about 10,000 teachers over the next five years due to the natural outflow of personnel, partly provoked by their efforts to increase the average number of pupils in secondary schools up to 25 people, and classes in primary schools up to 24 people.

The government also wants both unions agreed to wage increases of no more than one percent per year, which angered the unions across the public sector.

“ETFO will continue its attempts to reach a fair agreement during that time, said Hammond on Friday. – The duties of the government is funding public education so that our students can succeed.”