Elena Kravets compared to their colleagues with different styles of dance

After 4 months of participation in the project “Dances with stars z” Elena Kravets had the opportunity to see their peers on stage with the other hand.

Елена Кравец сравнила своих коллег с разными стилями танца

Namely, to compare the character and temperament of the actors of the “Evening quarter” with different types of dance.

  • Zhenya Koshevoy is probably Jive. Because it is a very lively dance, very agile, energetic. And not just fun, it makes sense. It is very necessary to try, and not everyone gets that. A talent gene, an organic and natural comic let him do it without thinking.
  • Vova Zelensky is improvisation. Yeah, no comment there. You never know what will happen next. You never know what to expect. I know one thing — is efficiently, beautifully and from the heart. Yes!
  • Yuri Kravchenko the large Kankan. It is precisely dance. The word “great” defines everything, and the cancan is a dance that can dance to all. Yuzik always very be your.
  • Valeriy Zhidkov is contemporary. Contemp went originally from classical ballet. It was created by dancers who wanted to move away from standard, to add creativity and make the dance more modern. And Valery as the branch “Block” is gone from some of the canons did their dance.
  • Yura Tkach is hopak! I think he was born in Ukrainian clothes with this manner of speech.
  • Mick E. is cha-cha-cha. In this dance, a lot of small steps, verified and accurate. And a lot of wagging my hips (laughs).
  • Vova Martynets — go-go. Something very youth, very fresh and new.
  • Sasha Pikalov — Boogie-woogie. It’s his life, it’s something that sounds within. And what he tries to transmit in his work.
  • Stepan Kazanin is salsa. Because salsa is a social dance that consists of one movement, but with a huge number of variations. Steve is always on the “chill out”, light. Always very direct, like salsa, which is danced without any rules. There is no need to pull the socks.
  • Jura Crappie is capoeira. Intuitive, coming from inside the movement, interaction with the world, with a partner. You never know what will happen, but you always live in some kind of harmony and consonance. Jura is a very long time gaining experience, Luggage. I think he is now as a person capable of being different and being able to dance this dance alone.
  • Yura Great — the quick-step. Such steps at a gallop when you’re almost running away. I sometimes think that the Jura is fast and it sometimes puts. But the quick-step it suggests.