Elena Kravets recorded an interesting video with her dancing partner

Elena Kravets and its partner in show “Dances with stars z” Maxim Leonov answered the most interesting questions about this project. They laughed and joked about his faults, and remembered, and someone who stepped on his feet. The video was posted on the page of the Women’s quarter in Instagram, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Accents.

Елена Кравец записала интересное видео со своим партнером по танцам

The first question was about how often late Kravets on training. As it turned out, the artist is constantly late. Even this trouble, she was able to translate a joke. The second question was addressed to her partner. Maxim asked if he’s distracted by the phone in training. He gave an honest answer, is often distracted during training.

Not without question, as they often forget the traffic, walk on the floor of the show “Tantsi z with a stars”. Kravets even took a sign with the answer “So” Maxim, and he said that he is very worried at this point. Then they were asked whether they exercise at night. As it turned out, no. Training is held only during the day.

Another issue was the question of who is and who while dancing comes to his feet. Leonov admitted that he had 45 feet, so he can not step on the feet of the partner. Kravets in response laughed and joked that she was stepping on his legs, so he has a 45 size.

Interested in the public and passes by Elena Kravets training. As it turned out, the actress is very binding, so she did not miss rehearsals. It was impossible to circumvent the question of the exchange partners. Both don’t want to change. There were other questions which project a pair of said at least openly.