Elena Kravets says he will fight to the end on the show “dancing with the stars”

Recently Elena Kravets in the last edition of the show “Dancing with the Stars,” admitted that was on the project for a new happiness, a new self, and for this she will fight to the end.

Елена Кравец призналась, что будет бороться до конца на шоу «Танцы со звездами»

Kravetz also said that he gave all myself to this project and therefore he does not want to be someone of the judges “dragged” or “pulled”.

In the project star “Kvartal 95” is paired with max Leonov.

“People are talking about the fact that Elena Kravets judges are trying to pull, but Elena is not the first day in show business and has extensive experience with pushing the nonconstructive criticism. It tends not to pay attention to such comments and is determined to dance and do something that is close to her heart” — shared his opinion the presenter of the television show “dancing with the Stars-2019” Yuri Gorbunov.
The very same Elena Kravetz said he did not want to her somehow pulled. It is recognized, gives nearly a hundred percent of their time to this project that almost never sees his children, to whom she feels guilty, but the fact is that self-realization will help her to become happy indeed.