Elena Kravets told about the relationship with Zelensky after the inauguration

Elena Kravets said that Vladimir Zelensky plans to return to “Kvartal 95”.

Елена Кравец рассказала об отношениях с Зеленским после инаугурации

According to the actress, she maintains friendly relations with the President, and he sometimes writes in work chat rooms.

After Vladimir Zelensky took the presidency, he has not ceased to communicate with colleagues, “95 Quarter”. This Elena Kravetz said Katya Osadchaya.

“I have not renamed the phone, it “Vova”. This is a very cool, nothing in our relationship has not changed,” she says.

Kravets also said that Zelensky plans to return to a Comedy show in five years.

“On Independence Day I scored, to say very nice speech, with a lump in my throat. And he said, “Please call me. I want to stay on the ground and I’m five years plan to return.” Me: “Seriously?”. He Said: “Of Course.” Incidentally, he is not left out of any group. That is, in social networks, where a group of “Quarter” he is there and he is there sometimes she even writes,” admitted Elena.