Elena Kravetz said, how was the rehearsal with Yuri Tkach

In the eleventh live show of dancing with the stars 2019 at “1+1” actress of the Studio “Kvartal 95” and star of “Women’s Quarter” Elena Kravetz together with his partner max Leonov again received an ovation in the hall and caused an incredible stir on the Internet. In this broadcast, the company the pair also made the actor “Quarter 95” and the coach “League of laughter” Yuri Tkach – together trio danced a salsa to the song of the winner of “Eurovision”, the singer Netta. In the end, the jury appreciated the efforts of Helen and her partners at 38 points. On the eve of the speech, Elena said, as rehearsals were held with Yuri.

Елена Кравец рассказала, как проходили репетиции с Юрием Ткачом

“The rehearsal went very smoothly, because we Yura together for a long time. And in dance, we also all worked at first run. However, the Jura is now on a diet, so we make allowances for his many moods and psychological state. But in rehearsals it was fun and even to some extent easy. You can not say about the technique itself that had to be perfect to the smallest detail. In principle, any dance requires the implementation of this technology,” says Yelena Kravets.

The question to Elena, whether colleagues of the “Evening Quarter” to follow suit and also begin to dance, the actress replied:

“I don’t think it’s interesting. I think they are in the soul still more actors than dancers. Guys at the disco, for example, show off, and on a professional level, I think, are unlikely to want to get involved in this adventure. Moreover, Eugene has already participated in the project. By the way, he’s very supportive of me, and sometimes regrets at all with a great understanding of everything that is happening in my life.”

Elena Kravets, Maksim Leonov and Yuriy Tkach – Salsa – dancing with the stars 2019

Also shared his impressions about returning to the show and Yuri Tkach.

“Lena thought, what can we expect from the joint rooms. Only had choreographers come up with some movement, so we more or less looked organically on the floor. In General, the room we had was very cool, I think. Lena it proved to be a quite different, well, I’m not struck in a dirt the person. I admit, in this broadcast I had a major goal is not to tarnish the whole country the name of Elena Kravets, and I think I got it,” says weaver.