Elias Kusa said that low oil prices are beneficial to the Trump

Ukrainian analyst, Institute for the future Elias Kusa stated that the President of the United States Donald trump is not against the low oil prices that resulted from price war Russia and Saudi Arabia, as this situation can be used in the election campaign.

Илия Куса заявил, что низкие цены на нефть выгодны Трампу

About this Elijah Kusa said during video conversations with a political scientist, expert on international and domestic policy of the Ukrainian Institute for the future Yuri Romanenko.

“Donald trump, who in principle did not mind low oil prices because it is an element of the political game. Low oil prices, low gasoline prices. Americans this is normal. He used it and will use in the election campaign,” said Kusa.

The analyst explained that the fall in oil prices will be used by trump in order to show the growth of the U.S. economy during his tenure as President.

Also Iliya Kusa stressed that the positive side to trump the fall in oil prices was unacceptable to “a certain part of the oil lobby” that supports the Republican party.

Despite the fact that low oil prices did to the President of the United States special problems, and even played into his hands, he is under the influence of lobbyists close to the White house was forced to issue a statement about the need for a complete oil war.

See also the full version of the video conversations of chief editor of the analytical portal “Hvilya” Yuri Romanenko and Elijah Kusy, in which they dismantle in detail why the oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia is far from complete: