Elizabeth may resigned as leader of the green Party (PHOTOS)

Элизабет Мэй покинула пост лидера Партии зеленых (ФОТО)

Elizabeth may announced that is no longer the leader of the Federal green Party.

Today at a press conference in Parliament Hill Mei said that she is an inferior leader to his Deputy, Jo-Ann Roberts.

65-year-old Mei said that three years ago, promised my daughter that the election of 2019 will be her last as leader of the party. However, as she added, do not have that and last as a member of Parliament.

As for Roberts, she is a former journalist Department of the CBC in new Brunswick. She also participated in the recent Federal election in Halifax from the green Party, but it failed.

Mei led the party since 2006, becoming the first Deputy from the “green” elected to the House of Commons in 2011.