Elon Musk made a fortune at $5 billion per day

Shares of Tesla Elon musk on 4 February grew by 20% immediately after the opening of trading to $933 per unit. The capitalization of the company increased to $165 billion, and the state of the founder of $5 billion.

Илон Маск разбогател на $5 млрд за день

Tesla stock rose in price by 20% on two consecutive days in connection with an increase in the company’s valuation analysts, and access to the profit of the plant for the production of Gigafactory batteries. Since the beginning of January the stock has almost doubled. The market capitalization of the company exceeds the total value of General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Volkswagen, according to the League, citing Bloomberg.

On the background of the appreciation of the securities of Tesla as Elon musk, the founder of the company increased by 4 February to $4.7 billion, and since the beginning of the year to $13.5 billion.

The Agency notes that it is the rapid rise in its ranking of billionaires, where the Mask takes the 22nd place. The status Mask edition is estimated at $41 billion.

According to the forecast ARK Invest, which is the most optimistic now, Tesla stock by 2024, reach a cost of $7,000 apiece. In the case of the worst scenario they will cost $1500, according to experts of the company.

In late January, the capitalization of the American company Tesla for the first time exceeded $100 billion If the value of the company will exceed $100 billion within a few months, Musk may get the first tranche of $346 million for the Full remuneration of the CEO of Tesla will be $2.6 billion.