Elon Musk will build a resort near a spaceport in Texas

Илон Маск построит курорт рядом с космодромом в Техасе

Photo: instagram.com/spacex

Elon Musk is looking for a Manager for the resort, which will be erected near the spaceport

SpaceX began searching for the employee who will transform the site near the spaceport in the first resort of the company.

Private space companiesone MaskSpaceXwill build a spaceport resort Oswego vboca Chica village state Texas.In this regard, the company announced the opening of vacancies of Manager parazitii resort.

“The task of the SpaceX— developing revolutionary space technologies glassesany people of other planets. Boca Chica village is the newest launch site blazausko Starship, the next generation spacecraft. SpaceX plans to transform this city Cosmoport of the XX century. Will MyISAM talented Manager parazitii resort, which will develop the first resort SpaceX otmechala of dokonca,” reads the description of jobs.

The Manager will lead the processes of design and construction of the resort, engage in project budgeting, coordinate with and obtain necessary permissions from the local government and regulators.

Among the requirements for future resort Manager — bachelor’s degree and more than five years of relevant experience.

Previously Elon Musk announced that his company Rasigatale to build a floating spaceport for earth and space travel.