Elton John admitted that the cancer was on the verge of death

Elton John shared his memories about how due to cancer was on the verge of death. Prostate cancer known diagnosed by another in 2017, so he went to drastic measures.

Элтон Джон признался, что из-за рака оказался на грани смерти

In particular, Elton John decided on surgery by selecting the surgery is chemotherapy. In one of the hospitals of London the singer spent 11 days and during this period he seriously thought about how much he has left to live. At the same time, the contractor wishes to move the planned tour, to be able to be with his family, including two sons.

After cancer treatment Elton John has developed an infection, and then he prayed that he was still able to see family. In the end, all ended well. Although the music the artist calls an important part of his life, his successors to him are more important.