Elton John remembered how his mother tried to spoil the wedding of his son with David furnish

Elton John shared his memories of how his mother tried to spoil the wedding famous son with his partner David furnish. The confessions of a contractor, Sheila Dwight was acting in the day of the ceremony as a “violent sociopath.”

Элтон Джон вспомнил, как его мать пыталась испортить свадьбу сына с Дэвидом Фернишем

According to Elton John, his mother distinguished atypical behavior. In particular, when she and her husband voiced the vows, a relative of the artist were talking loudly, and then revealing refused to attend a celebratory lunch. In addition, Sheila Dwight to the extent to crudely communicate with the guests that the wife of Ozzy Osbourne Sharon even expressed a desire to kill the woman. At the party organized after the wedding, the mother of the artist always sigh, and while the others toasted, she rolled her eyes.

Elton John found the mother’s behavior is unusual for her, because after he admitted his sexuality, the mother did not show signs of homophobia and tried to support his son. According to the artist, Sheila Dwight was just jealous and couldn’t accept that his own life now. The woman was gone in 2017, at that time, she was 92.