Embassy of Ukraine to the United States resumes the reception of citizens: rules of visiting

From 9 June the Embassy of Ukraine to the United States resumes its operation and begins receiving visitors. This was written by the Embassy on the page in Facebook.

Посольство Украины в США возобновляет прием граждан: правила посещения

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“Dear visitors of the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States. We inform you that from June 9, 2020 the Embassy gradually restores the reception for consular Affairs, wrote to the Agency. — Please note that the consular reception is conducted by appointment only”.

The Embassy will accept:

  • passport issues — the link;
  • on the issues of Notariat — to email address kostyantyn.vorona@mfa.gov.ua (the appeal must specify the requested notarial service, a surname and the applicant’s name and contact phone number)
  • for citizenship, a permanent residence — on e-mail address hanna.babenko@mfa.gov.ua.

Now the Embassy is working to improve the recording system at the consular reception. The algorithm will be published soon.

“At the same time, in connection with the distribution of COVID-19 and to minimize the risk of infection of this disease to visitors and ensure the personal safety of Embassy staff, please follow the rules,” reads the statement of the Embassy.

According to the rules, you need to:

  • to come to the reception at a certain time, because in the room where there is a consular reception can simultaneously be only one person;
  • to prepare for the visit (to have all necessary completed application, the originals and copies of documents, a money order for a certain amount of consular services, which you can see the link);
  • use personal protective equipment (protective masks and gloves). Before applying and after use of disinfectants, they are placed in the room for visitors of the consular Department.

“We urge the visitors of the Embassy of Ukraine to the United States to understand the established rules for visiting the institution, to take care of personal security and the health of others — wrote in the Embassy. — Consular matters, please send your written application by e-mail consul_us@mfa.gov.ua.

To address issues of an emergency nature (in the case of threat of life or death/the death of citizens of Ukraine) to call by phone “a hot line” (1) 202322 2616″.



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