Emergencies: finally, the solution?

Emergencies: finally, the solution?


That's it!

We got it!

We know exactly what to do to solve the problem of congested emergencies!

After years – what am I saying? decades ! – looking for the solution, we finally found it!

You'll see what you're going to see!

It's going to unclog like never before, friends!

< p>It's going to work so well that you'll have a place in the emergency room before you even get sick!

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Yes, I know, I am cynical.

I should applaud Minister Dubé's initiative instead of spitting in the soup.

But what do you want, over the years, we have seen so many Ministers of Health telling us that they have finally found the solution to the multiple problems affecting our system that I ended up becoming skeptical.

You too, admit it.

And each time, it's always the same thing: not only is the problem not fixed, but it's worse.

So forgive me if I'm on my guard.

Emergencies: finally, the solution?

Emergencies: finally the solution?

I'll clap with three hands when the leaks are clogged and the boat will stop sinking.

Until then, I refuse to get the hair out of my legs.

When it's been said 30 times that Santa Claus is coming and he's not coming, you stop waking up in the middle of the night to see if someone ate the cookies you left under the tree.

You say to yourself: “I'll get up when I get up, and we'll see…”


Look at Roxham Road. Mobility in Montreal. The Phoenix payroll system. The computer mess. Home care.

Illiteracy. Arms trafficking in Kahnawake. Immigration delays. Lack of family doctors. Big projects that never get completed on time and always end up costing double.

These files have been talked about for years.

You've seen an improvement , you ? Despite successive governments and administrations?

Every morning, when I go to the QUB radio studios, I take a street that is overrun with homeless people.  

They are drunk at 8 o'clock in the morning. Sleep in front of the shops. Vomit. Shit.

The big misery.

Residents and merchants in the neighborhood have been complaining for years. These wretches have been left to their own devices for years.

One of them even froze to death in a chemical toilet.

This student district, which was once filled with nice little shops, is now only a shadow of what it was. It looks like Detroit in 2015.

Every morning I pass by, I tell myself that the situation is going to change.

And every morning I see the same damn thing. 

As if the City and the government had given up.

If they are not able to solve this problem, can you tell me how they could solve problems not evil more complex?

So, as far as the healthcare system is concerned, allow me to wait for concrete results before opening the champagne…

Emergencies: finally, the solution?