Emergency crews recovered the tunnel near Lawrence Station (PHOTOS)

Аварийные бригады восстановили туннель рядом с Lawrence Station (ФОТО)

The press service of the TTC reported that the metro area, closed yesterday after one of the tunnels was damaged as a result of actions of the contractor, was opened this morning.

On Tuesday afternoon of the TTC passed the information that the workers of the contractor conducting the drilling of the pavement to obtain samples of soil near Lawrence Station, accidentally broke a hole in the top of the concrete tunnel.

As a result of incident the leadership of the TTC made a decision on the suspension of the metro in both directions between Lawrence Station and St. Clair Station during the afternoon rush hour.

“Yesterday was a bad day for our customers. We were forced to hastily use more than 70 buses to transport passengers in a day rush hour”, – said the press-Secretary of the TTC Stuart green reporters CP24 Wednesday morning.

Green said that part of the line was closed earlier Tuesday night and crews worked overnight to fix the damage.

“The good news now is that for the night, our emergency crews could do a quality repair tunnel cover,” added green.

“They’ve closed the hole with a steel plate inside of the tunnel and filled it with concrete.”

He argues that this problem will not affect the operation of the metro this morning.

“Early closure (last night) was necessary in order to be able to do a thorough renovation,” he said.