Emilia Clarke began to cry, first met beyoncé

British actress Emilia Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen in “Game of thrones”, began to cry when we first met with the singer Beyonce.

Эмилия Кларк расплакалась, впервые встретившись с Бейонсе

The actress recalled how at the party after the ceremony “Oscar” beyoncé together with her husband rapper Jay-Z came to her to talk, but the meeting was awkward.

According to Clark, she didn’t expect to see them, so when the singer approached her, she could only say “Oh my God!” and tears of happiness.

“I then drank too much, therefore, has not coped with emotions,” added the star of “Game of thrones”.

After this episode, the actress was up all night trying to find a couple, but it was unsuccessful.

Clark said still can not forgive itself that is messed up.