Emilia Clarke spoke about shooting sex scenes in “Game of thrones”

Despite the fact that the final episode of the popular TV series ended a few months ago, Emilia Clarke continues to tell all the new details from the set — and not very funny.

Эмилия Кларк рассказала о съемках эротических сцен в «Игре престолов»

So, the other day, while recording a podcast, Armchair Expert (which in translation means “Sofa expert”) and lead actor DAX Shepard, she spoke about how she felt uncomfortable during the filming of erotic scenes, which is famous for “Game of thrones” and how much they influenced her further career. According to Clark, several producers with different projects that she was involved after the “Game”, tried to undress her in the frame.

I now much better understand what to do in this business and when I’m comfortable, and when not. I’ve had some real conflicts on the Playground. I said, “No, I’m not going to remove the sheet”. And the response was: “You don’t want to upset fans of “Game of thrones”?” And I said, “fuck you to hell!” The thing in the first season (“Game of thrones”). There was hell lot of nudity. But even if it was not, I still have the entire first season thought that I have no right to demand anything and that my needs don’t matter.

Continuing the conversation on this topic, the actress admitted that, in principle, decided on the Nude scenes just because of his inexperience. And if she were older, I would have done differently:

They sent me the script, I read it and thought, “what’s the catch! In these scenes”. But I just graduated from the school of drama, has treated this as his first major work: once it’s in the script, so obviously, it has to be there, it makes sense, all will be well.

There was in this difficult situation, and its advantages: for example, Emilia praised your partner for the most sophisticated erotic scenes of Jason Momoa, who helped her cope with the psychological pressure on the court.

It was very hard, and I especially appreciated how wonderfully we talked with Jason. He often said to me: “So, honey, this is not normal, everything will be fine”. He cared about me — even when I have not understood that need such care.

What would have been Emilia’s career if she is to defend their right to “dressed” scenes in “Game of thrones” could no longer work. History does not know subjunctive mood. But the character of Daenerys Targaryen is known and loved by fans not only erotic, but also for action and many more scenes with Emilia Clarke.