Emilia Clarke spoke about the intimate scenes in “Game of thrones”

At the time of filming of the legendary series “Game of thrones” actress Emilia Clarke almost did not give interviews, and if something and told it in General terms. After the release of the latest season of the celebrity increasingly, talks about the problems during filming and different nuances. Most recently, she shared his opinion about the negative review because of the last season of the series. And recently told how she was given intimate scenes in the first season.

Эмилия Кларк рассказала об интимных сценах в "Игре престолов"

Is the role of Daenerys Targaryen, specifically in the first season, it was a real challenge, which she couldn’t even imagine. Very hard it was for her to play naked. Actually after reading the script, the actress has signed a contract to consent to the filming, however, she pointed out that all the intimate scenes will be filmed with the participation of the sheets, without clothes refuses to play the celebrity will not. When it came to filming these scenes, Emilia had to agree to the nudity. The thing is, that he was very much pushed mentally. And when the site was a quarrel and Clark shouted that will not give up in the sheets, her Directors have said, such behavior it will just disappoint all viewers. This needs to be done and another will not. After a long scandal, Emilia concessions, but admitted that he often locked myself in the bathroom and cried after such scenes.

Clark always in his interviews said that if she was a writer for this television series, it wouldn’t have changed anything in the story, she likes everything. But always added that the first season was too revealing, a lot of exposed skin and vulgarity.

Unfortunately, our audience is strict and picky. Perhaps if Emilia filmmakers persuaded to undress in intimate scenes, then it would spoil the idea of the series as a whole. The victims therefore Clark was not in vain, because “Game of thrones” received the most awards in the history of cinema.