Emily Ratzkowski captured on the streets of new York in a crop top and crocodile boots

Model Emily Ratzkowski caught by paparazzi on the way to Lincoln Center in new York.

Эмили Ратажковски запечатлена на улице Нью-Йорка в кроп-топе и крокодиловых сапогах

28-year-old model wore for the event a black crop top with one sleeve and satin pencil skirt with leather belt at the waist, and completed the image of his crocodile leather boots with wide top and heels.

Emily looked very impressive. On her finger sparkled the engagement ring with a large diamond and engagement, and on the wrist — a thin gold bracelet. Face was makeup in nadovich shades, and her hair perfectly coiffed. On the street mannequin was dressed like the runway with a slight smile on her face.