Eminem threatens Ivanka trump? Security service USA made questioning the rapper

In August 2018, the famous controversial rapper Eminem released his new album, which was not planned by the contractor. The public appreciated the work of the singer, but most attention was caught by one song, which tells that the man is being interrogated by the security because of threats to Ivanka trump.

Эминем угрожает Иванке Трамп? Служба безопасности США произвела допрос рэпера

In this song the artist says that the President sent to him agents from the security service to ascertain whether or not he wants to harm the President’s family. Is the rapper with terrorist organizations and so on. But Eminem said simply that all this really is, but only on sheets of paper in his songs, not more.

No other details in the song were not, and all the fans thought it was just the lyrics, not relating to reality. However, recently surfaced evidence that all this really happened in reality, and the questioning took place in 2018. The security service, the United States released documents fully confirm the words of Eminem in the song.

And the reason for these investigations was the song that was released by Eminem in the beginning of 2018. In it, he calls the head of state, Donald duck, and hints at the murder of Ivanka trump.

“Ivanka trump in the trunk of my car? I feel responsible for the stupid little blonde who was dumped in a pond” — it is told in the song. The security service told the contractor that he gives not the right example to his fans, his behavior is unacceptable. And in his songs the rapper indirectly threatens the protected persons of the state.

It is interesting that during the interrogation, the security agents began to quote from songs of the rapper that they consider inappropriate. Eminem did not comment on their behavior, but only connected to them and continued to rap.