Eminem told who saved his life

The famous rapper Eminem, whose daughter recently talked about the relationship with his star father, reported one tragic event in life. It happened in 2007, when the singer nearly died from an overdose of painkillers.

Эминем рассказал, кто спас ему жизнь

This episode is described in detail in the book of the artist “Not afraid: the Evolution of Eminem”, excerpts from which is the edition of the Daily Mail.

The singer took a large amount of painkiller Vicodin, the dose is equal to four packets of heroin. After another relapse Eminem turned to legendary British singer Elton John for help. As of 2007, the year Elton almost 30 years didn’t do drugs.

As a colleague and a superstar with sobriety nearly 30 years, Elton John was the perfect mentor to help him

the publication States.

It is noted that artists communicated weekly and became good friends, which are now.