Emirates Airline will pay for the treatment, quarantine in a hotel and even a funeral, if you get sick COVID-19 while traveling

The airline Emirates Airline has a new strategy to increase demand for tickets from the passengers in conditions of the global pandemic: insurance against coronavirus. If during a trip one of the passengers will be diagnosed COVID-19, the airline in Dubai will cover their medical costs up to 150 000 Euro (about $176 000) and will pay 100 euros ($118) per day for the costs of quarantine, for example, in a hotel room — for up to two weeks. This writes the Business Insider.

Emirates Airline оплатит лечение, карантин в отеле и даже похороны, если вы заболеете COVID-19 во время путешествия

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And if the worst happens, Emirates will give 1,500 euros (about $1 765) funeral passenger.

Insurance is available for flights until October 31, 2020. It is valid for 31 days from “the moment you make the first flight, and insures you even if you travel to another city.” The costs of testing are not covered.

The airport of Dubai, which manages the two airports of the city, also imposed a new requirement to the tests for passengers. Starting August 1, anyone flying to, from or through airports in the city must obtain negative result on COVID-19 in the last 96 hours. Travelers may need to show a copy of the test results.

The airline has suffered more than most other companies due to the fact that it flies only at the international level: despite the modest recovery of the domestic and some regional demand for travel, long-distance flights practically is not restored.

In Emirates Airlines, the demand has fallen by almost 90%, said the President of the airline Tim Clark, although the airline managed to retain some of the revenues due to the transition from passenger to freight transport.

Insurance COVID-19 the airline provides through NEXtCARE, a representative of the insurance company Allianz. Emirates said that insurance is free and is automatically applied, no extra registration required.

“This investment from our side, but we put our customers first and we believe they will welcome this initiative,” — said General Director of Emirates Group Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al Maktoum.

While Emirates is the first airline that offered the costs of medical care and quarantine associated with the virus, airlines and various stakeholders associated with travelling, tried to raise the confidence of clients during a pandemic. Uzbekistan offered $3000 to the visitors, who contracted the virus while traveling, while Cyprus has offered to cover the costs of accommodation and medicines to visitors.

However, the fear of paying for treatment COVID-19 — not the only thing that restricts international travel. Various closures, travel restrictions and quarantine requirements have made travel abroad difficult, if not impossible, for many. At the same time the cancellation of conferences and other events have removed the need to travel a lot.


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