Emirates launched the first in the Arab world NPP

В Эмиратах запустили первую в арабском мире АЭС

Photo: HH Sheikh Mohammed / Twitter

The NPP construction cost 24.4 billion dollars

The power station of the barracks after the commissioning of all four units will amount to 5,600 megawatts.

In the United Arab Emirates started operation of the nuclear power station barracks. The first unit of the station was successfully launched. This was stated by the representative of the country in the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA) on Saturday, August 1.

It is noted that this station was the first nuclear power plant in the Arab world.

The authorities declare their intention to provide the country “a new kind of clean energy.” The construction was attracted by a South Korean energy company Kepco. The construction cost 24.4 billion dollars. The capacity of the plant after commissioning of all four units will amount to 5,600 megawatts, will cover up to a quarter of the country’s needs in energy.

In Abu Dhabi has repeatedly stressed the peaceful nature of its nuclear program, the UAE and provided access to the facility the specialists of the IAEA and the world Association of organizations operating nuclear power plant. Criticism of the project was the Qatar, who consider the station a “threat to peace in the region”.

Previously in France stopped work oldest nuclear power – nuclear power plants Fessenheim in the Alsace region. Instead, it will open a Technopark, which will allow you to save jobs.

It was also reported that in the Netherlands there was a fire at a nuclear power plant Dodewaard, which was decommissioned.

Source: Russian service of Deutsche Welle