Emma Watson shared details of his personal life

Dvadtsatisemiletny British actress Emma Watson gave a Frank interview in which he shared his views on life in General and the details of his personal.

Эмма Уотсон поделилась подробностями своей личной жизни

The main theme of the interview was the ideology of the feminist celebrity of our time, of a little “Hermione” has grown strong and independent woman who needs no one. We all know that Emma after the end of filming of the popular movie, the wizard, successfully entered the University and graduated. Now it can often be seen at meetings, in Parliament and in the building of the world organization of the United Nations. She actively defends the rights of women in the modern world.

For example, a celebrity debunk the myths that is with someone in a relationship. She would prefer that her status was called “compartmenta”. Watson admitted that she gets pleasure from freedom, and she doesn’t like when people interpret this provision differently – as “lonely”, for example. She admitted that it was hard to imagine what it’s like to love loneliness, she did not believe that it is possible. But the older you get, the more I realize the benefit of this state.

Journalists also touched on her age, as the actress turns thirty years old. To which she replied that indeed feels a certain pressure from society. This leads her to a disturbing and stressful condition. She often wonders why people are so worried about their age, because it’s not as scary as it seems. But admits that due to “pressure others” she’s really excited about that for thirty, she never built a house, no kids and not married, not yet decided what she needs in life.