Emotions, appearance, food and other mistakes during menopause

Some women decide to just put up with his condition – a life not in pleasure, desires fade away, colours fade as a result of 50 years on a body there are 10 extra pounds, and in the soul of despair. Often, however, it’s not the menopause, and their own mistakes.

Эмоции, внешность, питание и другие ошибки при менопаузе


With the onset of menopause, some women stop for a monitor – do not buy new clothes, cosmetics, not to visit a cosmetologist. It’s not exactly a confidence booster. The solution? Take care of yourself with a vengeance, the benefit of modern cosmetology, medicine and fashion can give women dozens of opportunities to look at 100% at any age.


Some women prefer to just accept that, and do not attempt to alleviate the condition. But in vain! Today many drugs are based on plant extracts (non-hormonal), which act gently and effectively. In severe cases, you need to go to the endocrinologist-gynecologist who will choose treatment.


The emotional up and down – a frequent occurrence during menopause, but that doesn’t mean that you should pander to his irritability. Sign up for a dance, go to movies, exhibitions and otherwise maintain favorable emotional background.


After 45 years the metabolism slows, the body requires a different quality and quantity of food. Not to gain extra pounds and feel good, follow the diet. You need a lot of vegetables, protein, vegetable oils. Avoid TRANS fats and control sugar consumption.