Employees of the Pentagon were evacuated from the aircraft in an Irish airport because of a fire (PHOTO)


Сотрудников Пентагона эвакуировали из самолета в ирландском аэропорту из-за пожара (ФОТО)

In Ireland at the international airport of Shannon is the Boeing 767-300 American airlines Omni Air International engaged in the transportation of American military and employees of defense Ministry, caught fire chassis. It is reported by the Irish TV channel RTE.

Air traffic controllers noticed smoke and fire at the right landing gear during taxiing on the runway. They warned about what was happening the crew, after the aircraft stopped moving. The passengers and crew left the aircraft and were taken to the terminal building. Fire brigade airport successfully extinguished the fire.

Omni Air International – American airlines, including the transport of U.S. troops and employees of the Ministry of defense and members of their families.

After the incident, the international airport has suspended its work. Technical services of the airport are working to restore schedules, reported on the official airport page at Twitter. All passengers advised to contact airlines for more information about time of departure and arrival of flights.

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