Energoatom estimated losses from balance sheet restrictions

Энергоатом оценил убытки от балансовых ограничений

Photo: Energoatom

Nuclear generation fell sharply due to restrictions

The underproduction of nuclear generation over the first five months of the year 22 times more than last year.

Five months 2020 Energoatom due to balance sheet constraints have nedobiraet 2,659 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, 22 times higher than the same period last year, the press center of the company.

Over the same period in 2019, the company has nedorabotanno only 120 million kWh

The Energoatom noted that the underproduction of electricity and arrears on the part of GP Guaranteed buyer of the electricity company led to the reduction of capital investments of the company.

“For 5 months 2020 capex Energoatom fell by more than half — up to 3 billion 446 100 000 UAH, which is 3 billion 200 377 000 in less than 5 months 2019 (6 billion 823 300 000 UAH)”, — stated in the message.

At the same time, NKIRU claim that the energy balance will be revised to reduce consumption and increase production Energoatom 1.5-2 MW/h, пишет112 Ukraine.

As of June 24, the installed capacity of UPS of Ukraine is 52 GW, whereas the maximum consumption of all categories as of 25 June was at 16.3 GW. In the total installed capacity the share of nuclear generation accounted for 25.72% of the TPP – 40,6%, CHP – 11.2%, hydro power – of 8.34%, PSP – 2,77% , SES – (8,3%)

Earlier Energoatom stated that because of the limitations of nuclear generation operates only at two thirds capacity.