“Energoatom” will the cryptocurrency

At that time, in Ukraine there is a lack of cheap electricity, the government has taken the decision to disable the blocks “Energoatom” to use a more expensive solar energy, which benefits only to the Ukrainian oligarchs.

«Энергоатом» займется криптовалютами

Against this background, the acting energy Minister Olga Bukovec instructed NAEK “Energoatom” to develop proposals for the mining of cryptocurrencies.

This writes the chief editor of the CENSOR.no Yuri Butusov on his Facebook page, reports analytical portal “Hvilya”.

The background

As you know, Energoatom produces the cheapest electricity in Ukraine and in fact subsidizes the entire economy.

From 2011 onwards, the oligarchs lobbied projects of solar power plants under the guise of fighting for the environment, and set tariffs for green energy is 7-8 times higher Energoatom, which the state pays in the end from the income and profits of the Energoatom.

“In 2020, the production fell sharply, and the number of solar power plants that have that kind of profitability, has increased dramatically. Premier Alexei Goncharuk, Denis Smagala, the Parliament was unable to regulate the energy market and stopped the introduction of new capacities of solar plants and are not restricted to their rates,” — says Butusov.

As a result, the market began a crisis of overproduction. The problem was solved by Energoatom. The government gave the team in the midst of crisis to deactivate energy blocks in order to continue to consume the most expensive solar.

At the same time, still not adopted a law on the settlement of the situation in order to save Energoatom against losses.

Why mining is not for Ukraine

Order Bukovec journalist posted on his page.

«Энергоатом» займется криптовалютами

You should replace that world’s leader of mining is China, the largest producer of bitcoins — the city of ya’an in Sichuan province.

In the mountains there is a huge hydroelectric power: water pressure creates an excess capacity that is nowhere to spend it, and next have not built all the plants on the plan. That is, the electric power is temporarily lost, but does not cost the state almost nothing, due to the overproduction cost electricians are very cheap. So the Chinese, they built the enterprise for the calculation of bitcoins.

“Ukraine has already stopped 1 unit 10 may be stopped 3 nuclear power unit, and another 3 blocks will be greatly reduced power, and 3 withdrew for repairs, because they are the cheapest electrician the state does NOT WANT to buy — it will have to reduce purchases of solar energy to come into conflict with private companies and oligarchs to deprive them of the profits!”, — Butusov underlines and adds: “the narrow-Minded officials are allowed to destroy energy and to build a green station that comprise our economy can’t”.

Thus, the country is made up Asuna the situation when the government is phasing out nuclear energy, which must operate in a crisis at full capacity, as the most cost-effective.

“This has nothing to do with China — where mining is a necessary measure, atomic blocks for mining China does not build!”, — Butusov writes: “in Ukraine there is a huge demand for cheap nuclear energy, and there is no need for super expensive solar!”