Energy crisis-want to save at the expense of ordinary Ukrainians

The national Commission carrying out regulation in the energy and utilities, proposes to abolish the current tariff for the population for the first 100 kWh of electricity. This will allow you to collect from the market additional 12000000000 per year, necessary for overcoming of crisis of non-payments in the market.

Энергорынок от кризиса хотят спасти за счет простых украинцев

This was stated by a member of the NKREKP Dmitry Kovalenko during an online broadcast of the round table, reports “Hvil”.

Kovalenko presented two scenarios of an exit from debt crisis in the electricity market. They both provide a increase of electricity tariffs for the population. But the first option from January 1, 2021, and the 2nd — from 1 July 2020.

“In the second scenario, the removal of preferential electricity prices for the first 100 kWh from 1 July 2020, in monetary terms, will bring 12000000000 per year”, — he said.

In addition, NKREKP considers necessary within 2-5 years to increase the electricity prices for the population to the level of the industry, which will enable consumers to collect more than 38000000000 hryvnia. Kovalenko also noted that vulnerable groups will receive targeted cash assistance, that is a subsidy.

In his words, the total amount of subsidies the price of electricity for the population due to elektrotribe industry is now about 50 billion hryvnia. Now on average Ukrainians pay for electricity almost 1.1 UAH per kWh. The first 100 kWh are worth 90 cents, and each next – UAH 1.68. In NKREKU suggest that the average tariff at the level of 1.4 UAH. That is, the possible price increase will be 30%.

In turn acting Minister of energy Olga Bukovec at a roundtable on may 5 said that “we are going through the biggest energy crisis in history of Ukraine.”


  • hydropower is the lowest in the history of Ukraine production of (4303 million kWh);
  • consumption fell by 9% (warm winter, quarantine, production decline);
  • debt to Energoatom – 5 billion UAH;
  • in 2020 the increased electricity imports from Russia and Belarus.

In the end, the Ukrainian family, which now pays for electricity, say, 200 UAH per month, according to the proposal of the national Commission, after the revision of tariffs will have to spend UAH 260. And subsident this difference will completely cover the state, but others will have to overpay.