Engineer Simon Houle would have reoffended after his sentence

Engineer Simon Houle would have reoffended after his sentence


Barely a week after receiving a conditional discharge that shocked Quebec, the Trois-Rivières engineer allegedly assaulted another woman in an all-inclusive in Cuba a few days ago.  

“When I came back and saw the news, I was freaking out, I was upset, says Vickie Vachon, who met Simon Houle in Cayo Coco during a trip With his friends. I thought to myself, ayoye, he really didn't understand anything.” 

As she refuses to let him off the hook “so easily”, the woman has already contacted the Régie de Police du Lac des Deux-Montagnes and is waiting to find out if her complaint will be upheld.  

On Sunday, July 3, the resident of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac enjoyed a beautiful evening with her friend and other Quebecers she met at the hotel complex. At some point, Simon Houle would have joined them.  

“At the beginning it was okay, he didn't say anything inappropriate, he seemed like a good guy », remembers the mother with whom Le Journalspoke last week.  

Then, her friend expressed the desire to go to bed in her bedroom. To avoid leaving her to walk alone, Vickie Vachon advised her friends that she would go to accompany her. Simon Houle would also have decided to accompany them. 

“There I asked my two good friends to follow us so as not to leave me alone with him on the way back,” she said.  

Shortly after, as the small group walked back to the bar, Simon Houle allegedly grabbed Vickie Vachon's buttocks for no reason. 

Engineer Simon Houle managed to convince a judge that he wouldn't didn't deserve a criminal record for sexually assaulting a woman.

“And a nice big grab, there, she rages. It was really intense. I tripped very stiff. I turned to him and gave him a Dr. Martens kick in the shin. I asked him to explain to me what I did to let him believe that he had the right to do this.” 

When the quartet returned to the bar, the elementary school teacher sat down with Simon Houle with the aim of making him aware of the gesture he had just made. 

“He really didn't didn't catch the right girl, she said. I'm a very staunch feminist and I lectured her for over 30 minutes. I asked him if he did that in Quebec, grabbing girls' buttocks. I explained to him that it was a sexual assault and that in Quebec, he could go to prison for that.” 

Vickie Vachon even had the impression of having given rise to a real reflection by dint of lecturing him, she admits, discouraged. Houle would also have opened up to her by telling her all kinds of intimate things. But at the end of the evening, Houle reportedly made a final comment that still haunts Ms. Vachon to this day. 

“Do you realize you're all alone with nine guys?” would have said the colossus. 

Upon her return to Quebec, the woman from Saguenay added her friends from Cuba on Facebook. When one of them accepted her request, he immediately called her.  

“He told me to Google Simon Houle,” she says, devastated.  

She then began to read the dozens of articles about him, where it is reported that Houle had pleaded guilty to having sexually assaulted a friend three years ago. He also took photos of her private parts while she was intoxicated by alcohol and sleeping.  

The victim suffered several devastating psychological consequences, which even led to hospitalization.

Judge Matthieu Poliquin granted him a conditional discharge last month, accompanied by a three-year probation. The magistrate stressed that the attack had taken place “all in all quickly” and that he had made “a particularly convincing demonstration of rehabilitation”.  

– With the collaboration of Michaël Nguyen