England closed the last coal mine

В Англии закрыли последнюю угольную шахту

Photo: Sky News

On mine Bradley Mine was producing 150 thousand tons of coal per year

The UK still need nearly 8 million tons of coal per year. The demand is met by imports from Russia and the United States.

In the North of England in County Durham has closed the country’s last commercial coal mine Bradley Mine, which was worked for almost 200 years. It is reported by Sky News on Monday, August 17.

Provided that the outdoor coal Carter, which produced 150 thousand tons of coal a year, decided to close after failed plans to expand the mining area.Environmentalists fought against these plans – and won.

“This is bad news for miners working here, especially in light of the fact that the UK still need nearly 8 million tons of coal per year. This demand is mainly satisfied by import supplies, which come from Russia and the USA”, – stated in the message.

In Scotland and Wales still operates a few small mines. But the last of them should be closed in October 2022.

The coal industry of England was for many years in the doldrums. The miners ‘ strike, mass layoffs and fierce protests over the closure of the mines in the 1980-ies were unable to save her.

The last deep mine in Killingly in North Yorkshire was closed five years ago. Since then, local coal was mined only from open pits, such as the Bradley Mine.

We will remind, in Ukraine the mine will close following the example of Poland and Greece. The so-called transformation of the coal regions will help Ukraine to implement the world Bank.

It was also reported that the Cabinet is working on a pilot project closure.