England, in the 1,000 th match scored seven goals at Wembley: video highlights from matches of UEFA Euro 2020

Англия в 1000-м матче забила семь мячей на «Уэмбли»: видеообзоры матчей отбора Евро-2020

Thursday, November 14, in the three groups resumed the qualifiers of the European championship in 2020, resulting in another four countries — England, Czech Republic, France and Turkey booked their place in the final tournament.

Group A

England — Montenegro — 7:0 (oxlade-Chamberlain, 11,, Kane, 19, 24, 37, Rushford, 30, Sofranac, 66, own goal, Abraham, 84).

England the thousandth match in its history (the first match the British spent 147 years ago, November 30, 1872-first, against Scotland) defeated the team of Montenegro. It is noteworthy that the head coach “three lions” Gareth Southgate fielded the youngest team in the history of the English national team in official matches — team average age was 23 years and 255 days.

Tottenham forward Harry Kane scored a hat-trick, thereby scoring 31 goals for the national team and took sixth place in the list of the best scorers of the team. For the record Wayne Rooney is 22 accurate strike. Given that Harry’s only 26 years old, exceed this figure for Kane’s only a matter of time.

Czech Republic — Kosovo — 2:1 (Kral, 71, Čelůstka, 79 Nuhiu, 50).

Position of commands: 1. England — 18 points (7 matches); 2. Czech Republic — 15 (7); 3. Kosovo — 11 (7); 4. Montenegro — 3 (8); 5. Bulgaria — 3 (7).


Portugal — Lithuania — 6:0 (Ronaldo, 7, penalty, 22, 65, Pizzi, 52, Paciencia, 56, Bernardo Silva, 63).

In the last two games for Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo changed in the course of the games, and the coach of the Old Lady explained their decision by the fact that striker’s knee problems. Before the meeting with Lithuania, answering questions of journalists, Cristiano stated that he is in very good physical condition, and then confirmed the words on the field, having issued het-trik.

Serbia — Luxembourg — 3:2 (Mitrovic, 11, 43, Radonjić, 70 — J. Rodriguez, 54, Turpel, 75).

The Serbs were punished by holding one match without spectators for inappropriate behavior by fans in a match with Portugal in early September. However, in the match against Luxembourg owners are not left without support — UEFA allowed entrance to the stadium “Rajko Mitic” in Belgrade children under 14 years accompanied by one adult.

And teams paid young fans productive game. Guests were able to create the intrigue, scoring two goals after the break, but the Serbs still pulled out a victory and continue the fight with Portugal for second place in the group.

Position of commands: 1. Ukraine — 19 points (7 matches); 2. Portugal — 14 (7); 3. Serbia — 13 (7); 4. Monaco — 4 (7); 5. Lithuania — 1 (8).

Group N

Turkey — Iceland — 0:0.

Turkey thanks to this draw not only reached the European championship, but also helped to do it… the French team before going out into the field in the match against Moldova.

France — Moldova — 2:1 (Varan, 35, Giroux, 77, from a penalty — rat, 9).

News from Istanbul, perhaps a little relaxed wards Didier Deschamps, and on 9 minutes they conceded an own goal. Mbappe quite a long time and the company was beating on a concrete wall, built by the guests while in the 35th minute scored the defender Varane. However, it is possible, not without infringement of rules — if you apply in the penalty area Giroux flew in the goalkeeper of rivals, from whose hands the ball and bounced it on the head of Varane, already sent the sphere into an empty net. Had to suffer the current world Champions with the underdog after the break. In the end, the winning goal the French scored only with a penalty.

Albania — Andorra — 2:2 (Balai, 6, Manage, 55 — K. Martinez, 18, 48).

Andorra for the first time in the history of the national team, which stretches from 1996, he scored in the away match two goals, but even this fact did not help the tiny state to beat Albania, but also draw the Andorrans can burn itself into an asset.

Position of commands: 1. France — 22 (9); 2. Turkey — 20 (9); 3. Iceland — 16 (9); 4. Albania — 13 (9); 5. Andorra — 4 (9); 6. Moldova — 3 (9).


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