English fan died in Bulgaria at the police station before the qualifying match of Euro 2020

Английский фан умер в Болгарии в полицейском участке перед отборочным матчем Евро-2020

The qualifying match of Euro 2020 qualifier between Bulgaria and England (0:6) was marked not only by a racist scandal, but the sad news of the death of fan of the England team.

Before the match at “Borisov garden” in Sofia was discovered 32-year-old man in a helpless state. He was taken to a nearby hospital, reports the Daily Mail.

When a fan came to him he began to behave aggressively, rampage and threaten, because of what medical staff called the police.

According to sources, a test for alcohol and drugs of the unknown was positive. The man was taken to the police station, where he died.

The name of the deceased is not reported, but we know that he arrived for the match Bulgaria – England.

It is also reported that Sofia arrived around 3400 English fans.