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Быстрее калькулятора: преподаватель из Днепра учит считать в уме за десятую долю секунды (фото...

— Imagine on the screen before a boy of ten, one after the other alternate numbers: 5, 7, 2, 9, 7, 4… — says the founder of the international school network account in mind “Soroban” Yuri Novoselov. The number with great speed flashed for a few minutes. The person who doesn’t know about my technique, I will say that to calculate how much money you get from this set of numbers is impossible. But we’ll see.

Yuri turned on the video that we saw what he just told us. On the screen before the student appeared and disappeared numbers. When the flashing finally ended, the boy immediately dialed using the keypad sum — 555. This video started another story. Before a boy about the same age as the previous one was a laptop and a tablet. At the same time appeared two-digit number, some with a minus sign. It all lasted quite a long time. Child decided two different patterns on two gadgets simultaneously! When the alternation of the numbers stopped, the boy immediately dialed the sums of the numbers on each of the screens.

But that’s not all I might surprise you, — assured Mr. Yuri. — We have guys who have learned to count lightning in the mind, perceiving by ear the numbers encoded music. It is clear that some children master the technique of counting better than others. However, all our pupils believe in the mind much faster than any adult. By the way, we have opened a group for people age category 55+.

“To start a business, sold the apartment inherited”

— That any average child can be taught to do mental arithmetic faster than a calculator, I learned seven years ago — continues to Yuri Novoselov. — My friend from Turkey Kemal showed a video of his son. I was amazed at how quickly the guy made in the mind calculate: folded, subtracted three-digit numbers! Of course, I wondered how he learned it. Not a child Prodigy it? It turns out there’s an ancient Japanese methods of teaching account in mind, which we call mental arithmetic, or “soroban Methodology”. This word is translated as “abacus”. After all, the learning is carried out using a classic accounts with the knuckles. The son of my Turkish friend studied at one of the systems is based on the accounts of the soroban.

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Me, this topic is very interested. After a week I went to Turkey, successfully completed training oral account. Once you understand the system, saw the weaknesses and understand how to improve. By the way, the Japanese do not aspire to this — they believe it is important to detail to preserve old traditions. I have no such psychological fetters. By education I am a geek, with math “you”. I undertook brainstorming, fortunately, were successful — I created my own method of learning new vocabulary is more effective than the Japanese, put in a computer program. Called his own system “soroban Methodology”. Scores of bones in it’s left is the basis of learning.

Быстрее калькулятора: преподаватель из Днепра учит считать в уме за десятую долю секунды (фото...

— How with their help to become a Prodigy?

The secret is that in my schools and such to teach children and adults to use for computation creative thinking. We guys are taught to see with your inner sight knuckle accounts. If you train this skill, can quickly and accurately perform calculations using images.

— And what is the practical benefit from the ability to quickly and accurately count in mind, if you can use a calculator?

— A very big need for this. Salt in the fact that the study of soroban developing brain, a person gets much better and faster to figure out he markedly improved memory. It’s like exercising. It would seem that what is the need to train in running, if modern people travel in cars? However, running enthusiasts abound. Why would they spend time and energy on sports? The answer is obvious: to be healthy and strong. Exercise trains the muscles, and mental arithmetic — the brain. How it works ultimately depends on a successful person in life or not. Therefore, I am convinced that children who have engaged, chances of becoming in adult life a successful, happy, much higher than their peers.

— You have a whole network of schools of mental arithmetic. To start this business, I had to take out a loan?

— Got start-up capital in any other way — sold for 20 thousand dollars apartment, which I inherited from my grandfather. Fortunately, my wife reacted to this with understanding — she believes in me, and I hope justified. You know, I like Steve jobs (founder of Apple. — AVT.), started his business in the garage. However, in my case it was not the garage, and administrative building of the garage cooperative. I rented there a room upstairs and stepped on the path to success.

One of the key objectives was the creation of computer programs for learning vocabulary on my technique. I’m a geek but not a programmer. Programmers I’ve had to hire. Their work is expensive: in Ukraine, they are paid on average three thousand dollars per month. Expensive, but nowhere to go — paid. Perhaps the services of their colleagues from India would have been cheaper, but Ukrainian is more interesting to work in progress set I of tasks they have and any ideas what I can do better. From aliens look. Diligently do as instructed, but the initiatives do not show.

“Our oldest student is 94 years”

— You opened his first school — and you were successful?

Yes. It was in 2013. I placed an ad on the city website of the Dnieper. There was a video where a Japanese girl was quick to believes in mind. Posted by: “Teach your children”. The first 20 moms bring me their children. I was happy with the result. The parents said: the first month trial. If you do not like it, return the money. Fortunately, it immediately went well. After a month I had 40 students. In six months 300. I was convinced that the best advertising — word of mouth.

In 2014, the war started and the economic crisis struck. But parents still brought me children, paying for lessons, since he saw that the training gives noticeable positive results — in children improved academic performance in regular school. I remember one woman gave us his son and asked with doubt in his voice (and I quote word for word): “With my “Termocom” will be able to do something?” I confess, the word “tormozok” I did not like. But I mean not filed, assured that soon the mother, overjoyed at the success of the son. And really, every week in his diary for good grades appeared more.

You need to understand, if the boy or girl with bad grades in school, this does not mean that they have low intellectual level. Just learn interested. But in my schools they do with passion. Interestingly, children who are not very well studied in secondary school, we usually do not lag behind recognized standouts. Catching up on my technique, the students begin to believe in themselves (by the way, until fourth grade I was a C student). The success of inspire, the guys have a desire to get good grades in all subjects. As a result of their praise parents, teachers, and a growing reputation among peers.

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By mind calculations using creative thinking, our students train visual memory. So after reading the section in the textbook or given in the poem they are good at remembering lyrics. One woman in group for those over 55, told me: “Before it was? I want to tell her some anecdote, but the trouble — at the right time to remember it comes out. And after went to the soroban, you can at least an hour nonstop anecdotes pour”.

— Teach in one of their schools?

— Now no longer. But when I opened my first school, was a teacher. Then attracted to the work of the cousin, the best friend of my wife… we Have very clear and strict requirements for teachers. They should be able to create an atmosphere in class to study was interesting. Teachers wishing to work in our schools, we invite you to take a course in the river. This is to ensure that we met with the applicant, understand what power comes from him, will he be able to fall in love with the class, to arouse in children a desire to do homework at least in order not to disappoint the teacher.

I make the arrangements and continue to improve your technique. Recently created for her e-scores, which are called “E-soroban”. In appearance they are the same as usual, but they placed a computer filling. Scores connected wireless connection Wi-Fi to the computer of the teacher. Electronic brains accounts record exactly to the millisecond how quickly a child accomplishes a task, determine how strong it is, and what is behind. This information in real time is transmitted to the computer and turns on the monitor in front of the teacher. He immediately sees how to cope with the tasks, each of which is in class. And the computer generates the next task for the student based on the results that he showed in the previous. 100 percent individual approach.

In the second half of June, my wife (she’s my business partner) has shown an abacus on the international computer exhibition in Japan. Chief engineer of the company Casio held at our stand at least half an hour, and on parting said, “you Guys have a cool product”. Agree, the praise of such knowledgeable person is well worth it. Our stand was also visited by the representatives of the Association of soroban Japan. They were surprised foreigners from the distant Ukraine brought home the soroban modern electronic scores! Invited us to his office. Also we took on the oldest Japanese company that produces traditional abacus soroban for more than 100 years.

Быстрее калькулятора: преподаватель из Днепра учит считать в уме за десятую долю секунды (фото...In Japan, the exhibition of Yuri Novoselov (center) presented the scores with electronic “stuffing” along with his wife, who is his business partner

— At what age are children in your school?

— Five years old. In groups the 55+ age limit no. Our oldest student is 94. Training period — two years. Classes are held once a week. In addition, you need to do homework.

You know, in the 1990’s and early 2000’s I did a bunch of things: trade, repair of machine tools with numerical control… At the time considered myself a pretty lazy person. Now I understand why I held such opinions. Then I did what, by and large, of interest I did not cause. Now it’s another thing entirely to give themselves to the work. I have ambitious goals. I want my educational product was the best in the world. Next goal is to get it on the market Japan, in which there is a soroban.

“FACTS” also wrote that the Ukrainian students came in the top five in the International mathematical Olympiad in 2018.

In addition, our students won six medals at the genius Olympiad in USA.

Photo by Sergei TUSHINO, “FACTS”

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