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Нескучный карантин вместе с KARTINA.TV: развлечения на любой вкус

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To read books, which did not reach the hands, refresh their knowledge, to learn something new- who among us has not promised myself at the beginning of quarantine? And if you are sitting at home and reading is not started — so now is the time to watch the premiere of the sketch show “Mike spoils” on STS channel.

Annoying genius Mike knows literally everything. In addition to his command of a whole army of doctors, historians, mathematicians, athletes, physicists, art historians, and other professionals in various fields. Together they debunk the imposed clichés, myths and stereotypes of the family Gorshkov – the collective image of the average unit of society. Good marketers can of course sell everything, but that’s only if Misha’s not around.

In the role of a rambunctious know-it-alls – chief Misha countries Mikhail Galustyan. He and Antonio Banderas, and Kashpirovsky, and the postman Pechkin – anyone, just you are wrong.

Tasty!? How do you want to walk, when sitting at home. And if you have already started to fear the growing dimensions of his soul, for you TV channel “Super” sweet is the premiere of the season dramedy “IP “Pirogov”.

The plot revolves around Vera Pirogova – happy mother, loving and beloved wife of her husband. Well, at least she thought so until the facts of adultery. Betrayed, frustrated, confused, Faith takes the difficult decision to dissolve a marriage built on lies. Now she will have to build their lives from scratch, after all, 15 years of marriage she was a housewife. Having collected will in a fist, Faith decides to turn a favorite hobby – baking cakes – into a source of income and organizing your small business.

The main role in the TV series was played by Elena, Armin van Buuren, known for his roles in the TV series “Kitchen”, “Teach me to live” trilogy and “About what speak men”. The Director’s chair was taken by the ACE Comedy – Anton Maslov, who directed “Hotel Eleon”, “Shameless” and “Fitness”.

Dramedy will delight the audience with quality humor and life-affirming story. Comedy, walking hand-in-hand with the drama, let me remind you that the end of one story is always the beginning of another.

Lack of emotion – that is, perhaps, the chief whip of self-isolation. But it is fixable. To plunge into the whirlpool of events, impressions and experiences can be watching the acclaimed TV series “Former” in the video library START.

The main character Ian – patient rehab’s and it’s complicated. Complicated relationship with his father-an officer, a misunderstanding of the meaning of life, the dislike to her. New therapist-physiotherapist clinics, Ilya tries to help her deal with all this. But to replace professional interest is personal interest. A whirlwind romance that ensued between the troubled patient and a proprietary doctor threatens to complicate an already disastrous situation.

Starring the stars of “Posh” — Love Aksenov and Denis Shvedov, and Tatiana Volkova.

“Former” is a season 2 of dangerous liaisons, a hurricane of passion and perilous adventure. It’s time to find out whether there are the former exes.

Sat? The time to warm up! And if you had the power to exercise alone, not help you in the workout “TABATA-Lite” on the channel “Live!”.

This is a real guide to the tricks of fitness. Leading channel “Live” Ruslan Panov and Ekaterina Demidova has developed a great workout for those who want to achieve the greatest effect in the shortest amount! Don’t worry if before beach season there is little time left! With the program “TABATA-Lite” your form will quickly become perfect! Well, now what are the excuses?

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