Enjoying a scoreless game

Enjoying a scoreless game


Most new soccer fans like to see goals in a game to make it interesting. But for someone of my generation, a good scoreless duel is always appreciated, as long as the performance of both teams is at the expected level. 

And that's exactly what to what we got on Saturday, during the clash between CF Montreal and New York City FC, which ended with the score of 0 to 0.

The meeting between these two formations was among the best I have seen this season. CF Montreal played a superb full game. All the players had energy, were intense and very involved in the game. And this comment also applies to New York City FC. The offensive animation and defensive work were present on both sides.

Lack of finishing

Obviously, the only thing missing, and that's the number one goal in a soccer game, will have been a goal. On the side of CF Montreal, the finish has been somewhat lacking from time to time. Lassi Lappalainen, Romell Quioto and even Djordje Mihailovic all had opportunities to put the ball in the net. 

But difficulties with the first touch of the ball were what made the score remained blank. Execution into the opposing keeper's box was a little slow and it gave NYCFC defenders time to block CF MTL's shots.

Another thing that I appreciated was the commitment of both teams in defense, which is something rather rare. Both CF Montreal and New York City FC were well organized defensively with good anticipation and good concentration. And that, from MLS, is something I rarely say.

Tactically, the intentions of both teams were clear. New York pulled back their defensive block and had behind the head to counterattack while Montreal pressed well, and often managed to win balls in the right places, giving opportunities to make plays forward.

Lesser-seen players were Mihailovic, who didn't influence the game as much as he could, and Victor Wanyama, who instead ceded his midfield boss role to Samuel Piette. 

Mason Toye, too, could have given more, despite the great scoring chance he had. These three players didn't do badly, but they didn't participate as much as the others.

That's why I really enjoyed this match, even though there was no winner. If there had to be one, I would have given the advantage to CF Montreal.

A premature departure

If we put aside sport, which is there for fun and entertainment, the last few days have been rather difficult. In life, there are more important things than sport.

Quebec and Canada have lost a bit of passion with the premature departure of Jason Di Tullio, who was really a good person and who helped soccer a lot. We saw in the faces of the players before the game that the moment was difficult to manage, even if they had a duel to play.

Unfortunately, Jason was unlucky in his playing career , which he had to quit earlier than expected due to injuries. He was never able to live up to his potential and had a lot of skill as a player.

Despite everything, this passion, which will be so greatly missed, will now be put to good use in the team. heaven. Jason is going to play and coach God's team.