Enrique Iglesias had a lot of fun with the children the song Yuri Nikulin

Enrique Iglesias has pleased fans with a cute video with his children. Moreover, the Russian-speaking audience can feel even more delighted, because the background plays the famous song from the movie “the diamond arm”.

Энрике Иглесиас повеселился с детьми под песню Юрия Никулина

Recently, Enrique has published in Instagram video, which plays with their children. Iglesias has demonstrated not only that he’s a good father but also a good actor. When his daughter or son I touched his body, he pretended like he gets shocked. Kids really laughed, and complements the atmosphere of the song “we still”, which at the time of video recording played in the background. Apparently, the mother of the children of Anna Kournikova does not forget the kids about their Russian roots.

In the comments under the post enthusiasm is divided almost in two countries. The majority were touched by Spanish and Russian fans Enrique. “And in the background “And we are all equal, and we all still! We are not afraid of the wolf and the owl!” That’s what a Russian wife. The beauty of it,” wrote one of podeschi. Some even wondered, did Iglesias movie “the diamond arm”.

Attentive fans of the pair noticed that Kournikova changed the name to Instagram on the double. This immediately raised questions about a possible secret wedding of Anna and Enrique. Recall that the singer and the Russian tennis player have been together for almost 20 years. The happy parents are raising two year old twins, Nicholas and Lucy.